Dr Andrea Rossouw

Qualifications And Memberships
BOcc Therapy BSocSc(Hons) MClinPsych PhD Psychology MAPS

Andrea is a qualified and registered clinical psychologist. She has been practicing for more than two decades. She attained her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (with distinction) in South-Africa and continued (while working full-time in private practice) to complete her PhD in Psychology. Andrea has extensive experience working in mental health and community settings as well as private practice, both in South-Africa and in Australia. 

Since her migration to Australia in 1999 she has provided services for the Department of Community Services in NSW, the St John of God Private Health Service in Richmond and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Sydney. In 2011 Andrea started to work part-time for the Department of Communities in Queensland and jointly set up Mediros. During this time, she was also a PBA approved Supervisor and providing supervision for provisionally registered psychologists. Between 2015 and 2018 Andrea dedicated her energy fulltime in Mediros.

Currently Andrea is still running the general operations of the business but now on a more part time basis.

Contact Andrea: admin@mediros.com.au


Pieter Rossouw Jr
Web support

Brief biography

Pieter Rossouw – Director of Learning and Customer Success at ACHIEVR
Pieter’s background is as a research psychologist and was previously the co-founder of the Sydney Phobia Clinic. Pieter is a technologist at heart and has been using Virtual Reality for several years as part of psychological rehabilitation therapy. Pieter brings this expertise to ACHIEVR as the Director of Learning and focuses on ensuring measurable outcomes to AR/VR applications.

Pieter administers the online presence for Mediros, including the online training platform and content.

Contact Pieter: support@mediros.com.au


About the founder: 
Prof Pieter J Rossouw†


  • Adjunct Professor – Brain Based Education, Central Queensland University

  • Director – Mediros Clinical Solutions

  • Director – The Neuropsychotherapy Institute

  • Director – BrainGro Institute

  • President – International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy

†Prof Pieter J Rossouw 1955 – 2018 (MClin Psych, PhD, MAPS, MCClin, QCA, IACN) was the Founding Director of Mediros Clinical Solutions, The BRAINGro Institute and The Neuropsychotherapy Institute – companies that provide training and conduct research in Neurobiology and Neuropsychotherapy. Pieter also served as a Professor in Education at Central Queensland University (CQU) and the President of The International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy (IACN). 

Pieter had been in private practice for 30 years. Pieter specialised in Neuropsychotherapy and was an expert in trauma, anxiety and mood disorders.

Pieter was also a member of the Queensland Counselling Association, The Australian Psychological Society and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.

In the late 1990’s Pieter was a Professor in Clinical Psychology in South Africa (University of the Free State). He also taught at Universities in Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Holland. Prior to his role as Professor in Education at CQU that he held until his passing, Pieter was the Director of the Master of Counselling Program in the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland.

Pieter worked with education systems nationally and internationally. He provided consultation and training for Dept Education in Victoria, NSW and was the Chief Consultant for the ACT Department of education on Brain-based learning. He also provided ongoing development for Catholic Education Queensland and Victoria and was the principal consultant on Brain-based education for a number of Independent Schools in Melbourne and Sydney.  He also consulted for the Ministry of Education New Zealand and is currently collaborating with educators in China.

Pieter made a valuable contribution to the field of Neuropsychotherapy, having trained thousands of clinicians and students in this framework.

He published many scientific book and papers and also provided valuable online training and information resources. The following is a snapshot of the some of his publications and resources that he made available for all mental health clinicians.

Pieter was the founder of the online resource Neuropsychotherapy in Australia, later known as the Mediros or Neuropsychotherapy ejournal, sharing his knowledge and insights for the benefit of any professional open to learning the latest in neuroscience for psychotherapy. He authored and co-authored many papers over the years, some of which were included in the ejournal. He also became the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy, an open access, peer reviewed journal, for a similar purpose.

Across Australia (and internationally) Pieter produced and delivered workshops which applied the findings of neuroscience to a wide range of disciplines and topics and brought these together, with additional materials, when the Certified Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner Training was developed and the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy was created, to promote Neuropsychotherapy.  At the same time the Neuropsychotherapy Institute, an online training platform was developed for those who couldn’t attend face-to-face training.

Pieter worked closely with other senior clinicians to bring his insights to bear on organisational psychology in his book BrainWise Leadership, and more recently with Jurie Rossouw, published Executive Resilience. And for a general clinical audience he, with many other authors, wrote the flagship book that is clinically and applied orientated; Neuropsychotherapy: Theoretical Underpinnings and Clinical Applications.

Pieter developed the Mediros USB animations series, which clinicians have found very useful for engaging with their clients and helping them to understand what’s happening in their brains during times of stress and panic, when suffering with OCD or sleep problems or depression. He went on to co-author with Author and Clinician Dr Dionne Shnider a manual and series of worksheets to be used with clients, and specifically with these animations.

Pieter worked with Author and Clinician Melisa Kaya to produce a manual and workbook to help carers and teachers working with children experiencing the trauma of bullying.

More recently Pieter had contributed to the work of author and clinician Karen Ferry to produce “Benson the Boxer”, a storybook and clinical manual to assist children experiencing grief and loss. This work will still be released by Karen Ferry, along with further titles in the series.

Pieter worked closely with Rita Princi and others applying neuroscience findings to enhance learning and wellness in educational settings.

Pieter worked with the Christian Heritage College to initiate and offer a Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychotherapy, of which the first unit was taught during the last semester of 2017. This is planned to continue with new lecturers.

Pieter’s latest and last contribution to the field of Neuropsychotherapy was his chapter in volume one of the title Workplace Bullying and Mobbing in the United States, published by Praeger in 2018 (Santa Barbara, California). Pieter wrote chapter 7, Workplace Bullying and Mobbing: A Neuropsychotherapeutic Perspective, pp 151-169.

Pieter’s absolute belief was that Neuropsychotherapy are the future of talking therapy. He was relentless in his keenness to be open and inclusive in sharing not only academic information but to present the science of Neuropsychotherapy to the clinicians in a practical usable manner.

Pieter will certainly be remembered and will be sorely missed.