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The Adolescent Brain Workshop

Utilizing Neurobiological Information to Enhance Mental Health and Learning

Workshop Summary

This workshop focuses on the development of the adolescent brain – how the brain is affected by genetics and how genes express as response to the environment. The development of the anxious brain is important to understand neurological, neurochemical and neural structural changes in adolescence (the “chaotic brain”) until it reaches maturity (mid 20’s).

The workshop also focuses on the effect of the current model of teaching/education on the neural development and why countries like Australia is falling behind in the Global Education Revolution and what needs to be done to effectively address this from brain-based perspective.

Some of the areas that will be discussed in the workshop are:

  • Are all brains the same?
  • Is it all not just a matter of genes?
  • Neural plasticity, neurogenesis and mirror neurons.
  • What role does environment play in brain development?
  • The difference between bottom up and top down approaches and the implications for learning
  • Implications for wellness
  • How the brain get programmed to become anxious
  • Educational models and the effect on brain development – why Australia is falling behind in the global education revolution
  • Applied Intervention strategies to address the unwell brain
  • The effect of fear based learning and approach learning styles on the brain
  • Maximising learning, motivation and innovation
  • Safety
  • Establishing control by changing neural firing
  • Building self-esteem through down regulation of fear
  • Enhancing a sense of meaning through increasing dopamine and focus
  • Brain based interventions – key to wellness.

Who is this workshop for:
Educators, counsellors, psychologists, special education teachers, social workers.

Learning outcomes

The workshop will facilitate the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the neural developmental phases of the brain – from birth to adolescence
  • Focused understanding of the development of the adolescent brain – neural structures and neural networks
  • The implications of the neural principles of neural affinity and neural discrimination for the adolescent brain
  • The implications of neural development for strategies to facilitate change
  • The role of a compromised environment in the development of psychopathology
  • The impact of enriched environments in facilitating wellness
  • Understand the effect o various educational models on brain development
  • Strategies to enhance learning and facilitation of effective neural activation patterns

2016 — Dates and Venues

Sydney – 28 & 29 July 2016

Venue: Portside Centre, Level 5, 207 Kent Street, Sydney

Melbourne – 14 & 15 July 2016

Venue: Royal Melbourne Hospital, Grattan Street, Parkville


Package 2016
Early Bird Rate
(60 days prior to event)
$ 615.00
Standard Registration $ 695.00
Student Rate
(Proof of student status required)
$ 595.00
Group Bookings (4+) $ 595.00
(Contact event organiser at

(All prices include – GST, Handouts, Worksheets, Morning and afternoon tea)

Professional Development Points

This workshop qualifies for 12 hours of specialised training in neuropsychotherapy that may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development. Please also refer to the Professional Development information on this website.