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Neuroscience Animation Series

From Surviving to Thriving – Animation Series – on USB

Neuropsychotherapy Book Cover
The MiBrain research team has developed a series of animations to help clients understand what is happening in the brain when we be-come anxious, depressed, have OCD or struggle with sleep or just how the brain works when we are well and when we become unwell.

At this stage we have developed 6 animations (2-3 mins long). Many of you who attended my Neuropsychotherapy workshops have been introduced to some of these animations and many have indicated a need to use them in their clinical work.

We have collated the current 6 animations and would like to introduce them to you. They can be purchased for you own work with clients (no limit to the use with client as long as you are the only user). The cost of the series is used to carry the development of these animations and also to subsidise the development of more neuroscience animations.

The Order includes the full Neuroscience Animation series©: including the following 6 parts (USB)

  • How the brain develops (The onset of Anxiety)
  • The Brain and Panic
  • Depression and the Brain
  • OCD and the Brain
  • Sleep and the Brain
  • How the brain develops (Mandarin version)

The videos are now available to order on our website by clicking here!