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Neuropsychotherapy Training – Certificate of Practice

Clinical Neuropsychotherapy

During the past 6 years Prof Pieter Rossouw developed an internationally recognised modality of brain based therapy – Neuropsychotherapy, and provided training to over 10,000 therapists world-wide. Training focused on understanding the neurobiology of wellness, memory, learning and mental conditions – from anxiety to depression, trauma, the developing brain, ageing, and the neuroscience of relationships. The neuropsychotherapy workshops are also the only psychology/clinical workshops that have been extensively researched in terms of the efficacy to change clinical practice * and as such is the gold standard in professional development delivery.


The need to distinguish clinicians as experts in the field to provide clinical therapy from Neuropsychotherapeutic modality perspective has been strongly identified over the course of the past years. In collaboration with the Neuropsychotherapy Institute formal training is now available to become a Certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Provider.


Being a certified Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner means you will be:

  • recognised by the Institute as Member of the Society of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Providers. This list will be available to referring practitioners (medical doctors, psychiatrists and mental health NGO’s).
  • able to enhance your clinical skills through online forums
  • access specialist neuropsychotherapy focused supervision
  • access online neuropsychotherapy training
  • receive preference to workshops at discounted rates
  • linked in with a network of clinicians in your area operating from the same modality for peer supervision.


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Process of Certification

  1. Registration for training
  2. Pre-training reading materials provided
  3. Preparation of two short case studies to discuss at the training
  4. Workshop attendance (3.5 days) 21 hours
    (Certificate of attendance provided for 21CPD’S)
  5. Post workshop questionnaire (self-evaluation)
  6. Write a short (non-scientific) essay (approximately 2000 words) demonstrating the application of neuropsychotherapy in a particular (de-identified) case (after attending the workshop)
  7. Certification as a Clinical Neuropsychotherapy Practitioner

Ongoing requirements for certification

  1. Two (self directed) Neuropsychotherapy online modules through the Neuropsychotherapy Institute
  1. Attendance of one Neuropsychotherapy (or related) workshop
  2. One guided supervision session with a Specialist Clinical Neuropsychotherapy provider.
  3. Membership of the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy.

Dates and Venue

Brisbane – 11 – 14 September 2018

Venue: Royal Brisbane Woman’s Hospital, Herston Rd, Herston, Brisbane

Melbourne – 30 October – 02 November 2018

Venue: Royal Melbourne Hospital, Grattan Street, Parkville

Auckland – 4 – 7 September 2018

Venue: Waipuna Conference Centre, Mt Wellington, Auckland, NZ


Early Bird Rate
(60 days prior to event)
$ 1395.00
Standard Registration $ 1495.00
Student Rate
(Proof of student status required)
$ 1395.00
Group Bookings (4+) $ 1350.00
(Contact event organiser at
A deposit payment of $300 is possible to secure your place in any of these Trainings.
Please contact for more information how to register by paying a deposit.
Full payment required one month prior to training date.

* References

  • Rossouw, P.J. & Hatty, M. (2013). Continuing professional development in psychology: Requirements, assumptions, and the lack of evidence. Neuropsychotherapy in Australia, 20 March/April, 8-11.
  • Rossouw, P.J. & Hatty, M. (2013). Continuing professional development in mental health professions: does it really make a difference? 14th International Mental Health Conference. 126-145.
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