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BrainWise Leadership

Introducing BrainWise Leadership

The complexity and speed of change inherent in the health care sector today has magnified the importance of great leadership. Practical application of neuroscience affords leaders the ability to be more influential in their organisations as well as contribute to the overall wellbeing of the workplace.

BrainWise Leadership: Practical neuroscience to survive and thrive at work by Connie Henson and Pieter Rossouw, articulates a framework for effective leadership underpinned by neuroscience.

Comprising three elements: individual brain fitness, cultivating healthy relationships and creating a high performance culture, BrainWise leadership provides a foundation that enables leaders to evaluate and enhance their own approach to leading.

Elements of BrainWise Leadership

Individual brain fitness is necessary for enhancing thinking capability and ensuring strong individual output. Like physical health, brain fitness can be improved at any age when leaders have a sense for how their own brain operates and what is needed to optimise functioning. This book begins by linking basic neuroanatomy and functioning with normal work behaviour and typical challenges and then describes a path for building brain fitness for self and others within the workplace.

Building on individual fitness, BrainWise leaders focus their efforts on cultivating the right kind of relationships. They understand that organisations that leverage the synergy of their people are more effective. BrainWise Leadership dissects the building blocks of relationships, highlights common mis-steps that lead to disengagement and explores methods for ‘thinking together’.

Emphasising the significance of long-term positive results, BrainWise Leadership highlights how leaders can optimise organisational performance by creating conditions and organisational culture that is informed by neuroscience. This third element of BrainWise Leadership illuminates the importance for individuals to have a sense of safety, control in their working environment as a foundation for effective performance. Moreover this book highlights the importance of creating an enriched environment to encourage innovation, maintain individual fitness, support healthy relationships and ultimately achieve sustainable results for the business.

Bridging science and real-world challenges

Complex problem solving and strategic planning are among the most essential competencies for leaders. Recent neuroscience provides important guidance as to how leaders can harness the brainpower within their organisations to address these issues without getting derailed by groupthink, distractions or common thinking errors. The second part of this book details a field-tested model and toolset to equip leaders to be more effective when working in ambiguous, uncertain and rapidly changing circumstances.

Deep science balanced with real-life case studies and practical techniques enables the reader to gain insights not only about what to do to be a more influential leader but also understand why a particular method or process works. The application of science to everyday challenges faced by managers provides guidance to leaders as to how to modify behaviour to be consistent with the principles of neuroscience rather than wasting time trying to work against human nature.

BrainWise Leadership: Practical neuroscience to survive and thrive at work by Connie Henson and Pieter Rossouw published by Learning Quest will be available through October 2013