Continuous Professional Development Activities and Hours

Mediros Clinical Solutions provides 12 hours (2-day workshops) / 6 hours (1-day workshops) of specialised training in neuropsychotherapy that may be counted towards Continuing Professional Development.

As of 31 October 2012 the Australian Psychological Society has decided to only endorse internal activities (activities that the APS National Office organise) and has withdrawn their participation in accrediting any external training or workshops. Prior to 31 October 2012 all Mediros workshops were APS accredited for Specicalist CPD (CCLIN, CCOUN, CHP, CCOM).

Mediros supports the following documentation:

The APS document – Guidelines on continuing professional development (CPD) requirements – available from the APS website.

The Psychology Board of Australia’s document – Guidelines on continuing professional development– available from the PsyBA website

For your convenience we have summarised the major aspects of these documents:

The APS document – Guidelines on continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

  • states on page 8 under the heading: Acceptable CPD activities
    A wide range of CPD activities is acceptable providing these fulfil the goals of enhancing psychologists’ professional competencies (both skills and knowledge) in their own area of psychological practice.
    Selected CPD activities should enable psychologists to keep up to date with advances in their area of practice, such as research evidence and theoretical developments within various domains of psychology,
    The selection of activities undertaken need to be based on the individual psychologist’s identified areas for development and improvement
    It is the responsibility of the psychologist to make their own judgement about the relevance of activities and will need to be able to justify this relevance.
  • states on page 10 under the heading: Details of CPD requirements for Focused Psychological Strategies (FPS) providers
    CPD activities do not need to be formally approved but the relevance to delivering Focused Psychological Strategies must be able to be justified.
  • states on page 11 under the heading: Details of CPD requirements for Medicare clinical psychology providers
    Specialist clinical psychology CPD activities do not need to be formally approved, but the relevance to the specialist area must be able to be justified.
  • states on page 12 under the heading: CPD requirements for APS members For members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS)
    CPD undertaken to fulfil PsyBA and Medicare Australia requirements can also be counted towards APS requirements. (See pages 5-8 for details of the PsyBA requirements, to which the APS requirements are aligned.)

The Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) document – Guidelines on continuing professional development – then click on “Guidelines on continuing professional development (502 KB,PDF)”.

  • states on page 5 under the heading: Certification of CPD
    The Board does not certify CPD hours in advance. It therefore does not provide advice to CPD presenters about the CPD that may be claimed from attending their activities. It is the responsibility of the psychologist to appraise the quality of CPD activities and justify the hours claimed, and be prepared to justify these at audit. CPD activities must comply with the Board’s guidelines and standards.